Stop before crossing a street.



Look both ways and make sure you have eye contact with drivers.



Wave and wait for a wave back to confirm that the drivers have seen you before you walk across to the other side of the street.

A global campaign to keep children safe in traffic

Every year, more than 260,000 young people under the age of 19 die in traffic accidents according to the World Health Organization. Too many of these accidents involve trucks or buses. This is a devastating number, it clearly shows that children are the most vulnerable group of road users. In many parts of the world children do not have access to proper training or advice on how to behave safely in traffic. This is where campaigns such as Volvo Group’s Stop Look Wave program enter the picture.

In its Stop Look Wave program Volvo Group has packaged inspirational training material in an easy-to-use format for parents, teachers, government officials, and other actors to train children through interaction and hands-on training. Sometimes, a few good tips are sufficient to save lives. This awareness and training program is based on extensive accident research results.  Similar programs have been run by Volvo Trucks in several countries around the world since 2001, with great success.

In 2015, Volvo Group launched the Stop Look Wave campaign by issuing a challenge to its 100,000 employees, based all around the world, encouraging them to get involved in promoting safety to their own children and to children in their communities. The Stop Look Wave campaign was developed for anyone to use. By spreading important advice together we can make a difference.

We have developed one basic kit, as well as a second – more comprehensive – kit for use with larger groups of children.

The Wave-Back Campaign

The Wave-Back Campaign

As adults and drivers it is our responsibility to keep the children safe and to be role models on how to behave safely in traffic. To support the Stop Look Wave campaign, which aims to teach children what to look out for in traffic, Volvo Group simultaneously launched a campaign together with the International Road Transport Union ( directed at drivers to always be aware of children in traffic, to drive safely, and to seek eye contact and wave back to children.

The stop look wave training kit - Animated interactive story

The stop look wave training kit

Animated interactive story

The Stop Look Wave program developed by Volvo Group is centered on an animated story about Tim the Truck driver, and it is intended to be used in interaction with children aged 5-11.
The kit is available in two versions and in several languages. It is free for use by anyone. Use the download links below. 

Stop Look Wave training material (basic kit)

The Stop Look Wave basic kit is shorter and lacks some of the animations of the comprehensive kit. It is ideal for use in small groups, e.g. if you as a parent want to talk about traffic safety with your kids at home.

The basic training kit includes:
• Stop Look Wave Powerpoint presentation
• User’s guide
• Street mat
• Driver’s license A6
• Poster (English Only)

The basic kit is available for download in 11 different languages below.

Stop Look Wave training material (Comprehensive kit for larger groups)

The Stop Look Wave comprehensive kit consists of two versions of the interactive story – one with sound and animation, and one without.
The comprehensive kit comes with an instructor’s guide and templates for the training tools used during the training session.

Use the link below to download the comprehensive kit (>100 MB).

The training kit includes:
• Interactive story Powerpoint
• Instructor’s guide
• Street mat
• Driver’s license A6
• Poster (English Only)

 Download the comprehensive kit

Stop look wave stories

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