ACCELERATE Proof of concept to improve production utilizing IT

ACCELERATE Thesis program
We are now launching ACCELERATE, a new thesis program within Volvo Group in Sweden, which offers an excellent way to build relationships for the future.
You will be part of building tomorrows innovative transport solutions together with teams of passionate people and get the opportunity to combine theory with practice. For the program participants we can offer you to write a Master or Bachelor thesis and grow with us through product experience sessions and development activities.
You apply by filling in your personal details in the system and attach your resume. We also want you to attach your personal cover letter where we would like you to tell us why you are interested in joining the program and write your thesis for The Volvo Group. If you are two students who want to apply together, please upload both resumes and a common cover letter.
The quote “IT is becoming more and more important” is a bit old, but in our day to day business we think it still stands very true, and we constantly find new way to explore new ideas and concepts for the future. We want to challenge the status quo.
This thesis project will give you a chance to visit, get to know and explore the production line in Volvo Group, and also meet some agile IT teams and get to know how they are working with tomorrow’s solutions.
At Volvo Group IT, we are a great team who develop embedded products for the production line of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine engines. We load the products with intelligence and make software that can test and validate that the products are doing the right thing.
The product line needs to work seamlessly, without down time, always up and running. We also need to look at ways to make the production line work even smoother, faster and with great User Experience for our operators. We still don’t know the limit of how far it will go.
We do know that the next generation of IT is near and that we need to explore, test proof of concepts, and be a front driver for Volvo Group and put us ahead of the competitors.
We’d like to welcome 2 master students to join our exiting journey and both help us and learn together with us on new technology and new possibilities.
Thesis questions and expected outcome
We would like you to develop a proof of concept, with new technology, that can improve the production process utilizing a new IT solution. This would include a concept phase, development, driving and evaluating the complete loop and share your learnings to our teams, stakeholders and business.
We acknowledge that this area is of a large size, and we’d like to offer you to shadow our great teams in their agile work, visit the plant, meet many users and allow you to utilize many key people as your mentors.
The actual area of your thesis can be fine-tuned as we get to know each other, and the set-up of the thesis and will be decided jointly based on your and Volvos preferences. There are many different types of proof of concept that can be developed.
Student profile and application
We are looking for 2 Master students in Advanced Engineering, Computer Science, User Experience or other relevant fields. The background of your studies can be broad or specific, and we see potential in both. A part from your academic background, we are looking for great personalities, with open and curious minds, that love to explore and learn. You should be independent and self-organizing, with a high sense of driving things forward. We also wish you to be a people person and enjoy working with a diverse group of people.

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The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines under the leading brands Volvo, Renault Trucks, Mack, UD Trucks, Eicher, SDLG, Terex Trucks, Prevost, Nova Bus, UD Bus and Volvo Penta.

Volvo Group IT manages the Group’s overall IT strategies and plans and has the end-to-end responsibility for all development, delivery, support of IT solution and services for the Volvo Group.

We are more than 6000 people based in 36 countries working in a completely global organization. We are a team of highly skilled professionals who work with passion, trust each other and embrace change to stay ahead. We make our customers win.

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